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Overcoming Indecision

Join my Professional Life Coaching Sessions! I can help you overcome indecision, fear, anxiety, stress and so much more! I am meeting with people almost daily and setting up goals and objectives for success. I am a God fearing woman of God who will help you!

Are you on autopilot?

What have you chosen to do because it was what you were "supposed" to do?

What did you really want todo that you didn't allow yourself todo?

What do you choose to do by default (like watching TV or being on social media)?

What else could you be choosing to do instead?

What do you actually WANT to do with your life?

Not Knowing What You Want:

In what areas of your life are vou not sure what vou want?

In what areas of your life do you get stuck at a decision point and just think, think, think?

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity because you didn't make a decision in time?

What decisions are you read to make now so that you donot miss the opportunity to choose?


What decisions have you struggled to make because you're waiting for it to be perfect?

What decisions have you held yourself back from because you're afraid of making the wrong decision?

What decisions are you ready to make now, accepting that the worst decision is not to move forward?

Being Indecisive:

Are you not sure which option to choose?

In what way could you try or test each option?

If you can't actually try it out, run through the possibilities ni your mind.*

• Ask yourself, what are the possible outcomes?

• How do I feel about each outcome?

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