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Join My Support Group For Trauma!

Updated: Feb 1

I am doing an 8 week curriculum to reduce stress, trauma and PTSD from sexual abuse, combat trauma, and other traumatic experiences that you have dealt with! Please sign up!

Please let me know if you want to join us

Wednesdays at 10:30am EST Please Join This Zoom Meeting

You will go from victim to victorious in a fun amazing way!

Join me on Facebook tomorrow. My name is Audrey overcomer Staton if you want to join the Support Group for trauma! I also work one on one life coaching, and trauma coaching if you need help with any mental health or trauma issue. There is a small fee for that but the Support Group is free.

These are some of the topics each week that we will discuss! We will have group share as well.

Stress/ Trauma Identity Safety/ Routine/Control Recovery Rest/Relaxation/Peace/Joy Managing Stressors/Triggers Mindfulness Grieve and Loss/Sharing Managing depression Reflection Lesson Conclusion and Next Steps Reflection on lessons learned during this course Taking the Next Step

We will follow a trauma reduction and removal curriculum that is proven to bring you healing from your past!

You don't want to miss this free support group every Wed

Click here to sign up and please leave me your email address and let me know your coming!

Each week will bring you more healing from PTSD and Trauma as well as depression, anxiety and so much more! Can't wait to see you! Please subscribe to to come and click link. Let me know your coming!

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