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New Course To Heal Trauma! With This Course You Get A Session With Me As Well!

I am very excited to launch this new course to heal you from your past pain of trauma, PTSD, addictions, shame, and so much more. I put 6 modules of therapeutic information and tools to totally free you from past pain and suffering! This is your chance to heal.

This course will help you for a very low cost! I also will do one free trauma coaching session with you if you sign up. You will be invited to weekly zoom calls to meet with others in our trauma support group as well. Sign up and get life long results!

In this trauma course, I will be sharing specific tools and techniques that I use for my life coaching sessions with my clients presently as well as tools that I have used when I worked

with women who endured abuse and neglect in psychiatric hospitals that I worked in. These

tools are designed to help you to overcome stress, anxiety, trauma, depression and anger. I

also share some coping skills that will help you experience peace in the eye of the storm. The

most important thing that you must do before you leave this earth is accept Jesus (Yeshua)

into your heart. Make Him your Lord and Savior. He is the only way to heaven. With His

help you can endure any challenge and be successful in life. He will help you to thrive and

not just survive.

The journey from abuse to empowerment is a challenging one, but armed with the right tools

and techniques, it is one that can lead to a brighter future. Throughout this course I will

help you with the transformative power of being TOTALLY healed of trauma, the importance of finding strength and experiencing healing, and the role of Jesus in our journey towards success.

By incorporating these techniques into your life, you can rewrite your story, reclaim your

power, and rebuild your life on a foundation of resilience and growth. Remember, healing is

not a destination but a continuous journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. As

author Flavia Weedn once said, "Remember you are worth it. Your biggest goals and wildest

dreams are worth pursuing. Never stop believing in yourself and Jesus who gives you


Now is the time to take that first courageous step towards empowerment and healing.

Embrace the power of Jesus within you, for it is through this unwavering belief in God that you

will find the strength to overcome any obstacle. I provide tools and resources that will help you be healed from trauma in this course.


Why Is This Course So Important?

You will be healed from trauma and past pain! These tools will change your life! I also have life/trauma coaching that you can sign up for by clicking this link and signing up NOW!

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