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Trauma Course To Help You Heal From Your Past!!

Updated: May 24

I have put together this trauma course at a low cost to help you to heal and be set free from your past wounds. If you are not healed then God can't take you to the next level that He wants for you. This course will help you become the overcomer that your predestined to be. Prolonged illness, homelessness, or witnessing a terrifying event are all examples of traumatic situations. Trauma can be a single event (car accident, sexual assault, or natural disaster) or repeated events (childhood abuse and neglect). It can be chronic (combat, ongoing domestic violence, imprisonment). Some researchers believe any experience and how it is perceived that is stressful enough to leave you feeling helpless, powerless, out of control, overwhelmed, or profoundly unsafe can be considered traumatic.

Even though you have experienced trauma, you can move forward with your life. You can grow, become resilient, and have a meaningful life. Your life does not end because of trauma. The first step is to understand trauma and its consequences., according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs? There are many kinds of trauma, and no two people will react in the same way to a given traumatic event. Accidents, death, war, loss, sexual assault, and other violent acts are easily seen as major traumas, but many people experience ongoing distress related to less “obvious” traumas, including neglect, divorce, emotional abandonment, verbal abuse, chronic criticism, bullying, job loss, and so on, whose impact tends to be minimized in our culture.

Memories and feelings associated with any type of trauma can linger for weeks, months, years, and even a lifetime, unless they are addressed and processed. What does it mean to process trauma? Experts agree the one thing you should not do is avoid the thoughts and feelings associated with trauma. Facing the memories and feelings associated with trauma can be challenging and should be done cautiously and thoughtfully, but the payoff is a clear mind, lighter heart, and genuine healing – leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life. Get this course now to help you start your healing journey today!

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