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Have you been feeling weary?

There’s an overwhelming amount of people who have been feeling exhausted, These people have tried all they know to do to shake it yet keep feeling this heavy pressure on them. What you are feeling is not physical, Your feeling a spirit of heaviness that is growing stronger even within believers. I believe your not reading this by chance, God wants to give you the Garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness, He wants to trade your sorrows into joy, turn your mourning into dancing, He wants to help you overcome this weight weighing down on you today. It starts with your position in Messiah, start decreeing the word concerning who you are. When you speak the Word of God out of your mouth it silences the enemy, so don’t be timid but bold as a Lion in your Authority as His Child, You are His Ambassador & His representative on earth, You are His soldier who’s prepared for this battle. Your Gods official agent in enforcing His Word over your life, family and ministry. Elijah was a man just like us, yet he moved in power and in demonstration because He knew who He stood before and who gave him this authority.Whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven. Now let’s break this spirit of heaviness off you that’s been a thorn in your flesh. In Jesus Name we take dominion over every spirit coming against us, We break this spirit of heaviness off of us and command it to go into the abyss. We bind every weapon that the enemy has been using against us and decree it shall not prosper, Every tongue spoken in retaliation against us is silenced, Messiah has put all things under our feet this day in Jesus Name. We pull down all strongholds and cast down every vain imagination and every high thing that lifts itself against the knowledge of Jesus (Yeshua) Our thoughts are not subject to the Lordship of Messiah and we will not be denied what belongs to us. Father we thank you for the Garment of Praise, We thank you for the oil of Joy coming back into our lives. We bless your Name Jesus. Amen

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